It’s time to be creative

Welcome to A Curious Endeavor, my new photoblog. I have been talking about getting more serious about my photography for a while now, and in the month of November I plan to do something about it.

Most writers know that November is NaNoWriMo – or National Novel Writing Month. During November, writers participating in NaNoWriMo challenge themselves to write 50,000 words, and hopefully a complete book, in 30 days.  It’s a fun concept that encourages writers to work on their craft. Victoria’s Aunt Lynn, who recently came to visit, participated in NaNoWriMo last year and was trying to decide whether or not to participate in 2011. Not only has she decided to jump into NaNoWriMo, she’s taken it a step further.

Lynn came up with the idea of NaBeCreMo, or National Be Creative Month. Rather than set aside November for just writers, she’s decided to challenge all of her friends to use the month of November to be creative and explore their creative being in whichever mode they feel most comfortable. For me, that’s photography.

I’m not sure what a realistic goal will be for 30 days, but I’ve decided to challenge myself to take 10,000 photos over that time. I plan to use this blog to feature highlights from my photography throughout the month. You can subscribe to follow my progress (check the tool bar on the right) and give me encouragement along the way. I’m really excited about this project, and welcome any comments or thoughts you have about my work along the way.  If you are on Twitter follow me (@kclockhart) for regular updates, check my Tumblr site for a “pic of the day” ( and please be sure to check this site for posts featuring multiple photos with accompanying text.

It’s bound to be an interesting journey, and I hope to see real improvement in my photography along the way. I hope you check in to see how I’m doing!


  1. This is fantastic! I love it, love it. I’m so excited, can’t wait to see all your beautiful photos! Yippee!!!!

  2. Great first post. Love the wordpress site! Totally rethinking my blogger. . . Can’t wait to see the pix you take.


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