Macalester Football

We live right near the Macalester College athletic fields, including the football stadium. I headed over for what turned out to be senior day, and to watch the Scots beat on the boys from Trinity Bible in North Dakota. Seriously, it wasn’t even close. When I left at halftime, Macalester was winning 28-0. The crowd was much more lively (almost rowdy) than I expected. After all, Macalester has been considered the most liberal college in the US, so I didn’t think they’d be so excited about football.

A quick pic on the way to the stadium


I’m not sure how many berets you might see at an Ohio State game, but the crowd at the Mac game included at least one.



A couple of fans in typical Minnesota headwear…






  1. Love the first shot. I believe I’ve seen that fence. Nice–the yellow leaf.

  2. I agree with Lynn–the color of the leaf is really compelling. Nice pix overall.

  3. It’s always fascinating to watch people. I like the contrast of the color of the leaf against the bleak colors of the fence. Cool.

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