Art Shanty Projects 2014

Art Shanty Project

This past weekend Victoria and I headed up to White Bear Lake to check out this year’s Art Shanty Projects and had what may be THE MOST Minnesotan experience we’ve had since moving to the Twin Cities. The Art Shanties are essentially a temporary art installation…Minnesota style. The project consists of a collection of icehouses, each containing […]

2013 World Series, Game 3

2013 World Series

As always, click on any of the photos below to see a larger version. Anyone who knows me well knows I am a huge Red Sox fan and have been ever since I was little (’cause I was raised right). In 1986 my Dad got two tickets from work to go to a World Series […]

Full Frame vs X-Trans APS-C… or how does the Fuji X-E1 measure up against the Nikon D700?

So, as you saw in my last post, the peonies were in full bloom the other day. I headed out with my D700 with a 24mm/1.4 and my X-E1 with the 55-200mm attached, and fired off a few shots shooting wide with the Nikon and long with the Fuji. It had been quite a while […]

Love is the Law


As some of you may know, Tuesday was a big freaking deal for the LGBT community in Minnesota. Because Tuesday, Governor Dayton signed the marriage equality bill making Minnesota the 12th state in the nation to allow all of its citizens to marry the person they love, regardless of the gender of that person. Victoria […]

On the streets of Asheville with Fuji


Victoria and I spent a fair amount of time walking around downtown Asheville, enjoying the shops, restaurants and sights of the city. Knowing that we’d be walking everywhere, I decided to keep my gear light, opting to bring the Fuji X-E1 (with 18-55mm, 35mm and 14mm lenses) and the X100s instead of my DSLR. I […]


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